UberTalk is a guide to radio shows now playing on stations all over the world. This cloud guide not only lists show titles, but a single click on any title will immediately begin playing the show. Shows not currently being broadcast can be recorded for playback at a later time.

Shows are displayed in order of popularity. To view all shows in a single category such as "Sports", click that topic. Broadcast schedules of thousands of stations are combined into one comprehensive guide which is updated each minute. If a desired show is not displayed, then it is not on at this current time. Use the search engine at the bottom to find the show and record the later broadcast. Recording is performed by DAR.fm - the DVR for radio service.

Occasionally shows are preempted by a sports or other special programming. If this happens, please click the show title and another station will be selected if available. If the guide is incorrect (the wrong show is playing) then take note of the station and follow the on screen instructions here to change the schedule. Changes should appear within minutes.

To add or change a show on UberTalk go here and follow the on screen instructions. (UberTalk and DAR.fm share the same guide.) Once a show is entered AND listed on at least one station at the appropriate broadcast time it will automatically appear on UberTalk.

Would you like to partner with UberTalk or have input for us? Send email to michael@dar.fm. We'd like to hear from you!